VoIP Phone Services In Charleston SC

Your business communications are critical. Are you taking advantage of the most recent technology to empower your employees' productivity and provide a world-class customer experience?

Many businesses are choosing to move their voice services from the regular telephone lines to VoIP, voice over Internet Protocol, which allows all of your voice communications to be delivered over the Internet. There are many advantages to VoIP:

Flexibility — One of the main advantages the VoIP phone service has over traditional landlines is flexibility. Your phone number travels with you. There are no missed calls, no having to forward your office line to your mobile phones. All you have to do is turn on your computer and Internet and you have your office phone, whether you are in your office, at home, or on an airplane.

Improve Customer Experience — We offer features like instant messaging and contact center functionality like barge, whisper and monitor to communicate more efficiently between employees and customers.

Work Anywhere — Work is an activity, not a location. Your availability to meet the needs of your customers doesn't stop when you're away from the office. Forward calls to your cell phone, ring multiple phones in sequence, or have them all linked together to ensure you never miss a customer call.

Reduce Cost — With VoIP your voice data is sent over the Internet and saving costs is one of the largest reasons businesses make the switch. With one bill, you can eliminate the expense of long-distance charges.

CRM Integration — Integrate your phone with your CRM software to quickly identify who is calling and have their customer data displayed on your screen to provide a more personal touch when answering the phone.

Boost productivity, improve customer service, and help your employees work smarter by giving them:
  • Employee Presence
  • Drag and Drop Calls
  • Screen Share
  • HD Video Collaboration
  • Chat/Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Click-to-email
  • HUD Mobile

Unified Communications

Unified Communications, or UC, is built on an integrated platform to support and enhance the wide range of communications functions necessary in today's communications are all managed on a single IT infrastructure that is accessible through in-office equipment, laptops, and a range of mobile devices.

Employees, clients and other authorized parties can:
  • Transfer Calls
  • Share Screens
  • Send Emails
  • Instant Message
  • Access Applications/Data

All of these features are available to your company, regardless of where anyone is located. UC systems are quickly scalable to accommodate fast growing companies and those that have peaks and valleys in their communication demands.

Today's UC can be is driven by a number of integrated technology applications, making use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing, making the overall package far more feature-driven and able to support a much broader rand of functions while yielding as much as a 50% cost savings.

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It has never been easier to enhance how you sell, service, and collaborate.

Voice is certainly a big part of what we do, but we offer so much more. Our Heads Up Display collaboration application is designed to take out the friction that slows business momentum by bringing all the tools that connect your employees into one easy-to-use web-based portal. Collaborate with your team using built in presence and instant messaging. Be more responsive with personalized call routing and readable voicemail.